On October 6th the Piedmont Aeromodelers hosted several members of the Cumberland County Right Start Program at the club field.  Our goal was simple:  provide basic flight instructions, build a stick and tissue aircraft, and get the boys in the air! 


After receiving some fundamentals from Irving, the boys were given the opportunity to “work the sticks” on flying simulators.

Next step was building AMA delta wing flyers.  The boys quickly constructed their planes under the watchful eye of George, Pat, and Jerry.

After some spirited flying competition the boys were anxious to get on the buddy boxes and fly.  George, Johnny, Irving, and Tom provided the trainers for everyone to try their new found piloting skills.

The final activity of the day was a total surprise for the boys.  Darren, Chris, Samuel, and Jarad were presented Hobby Zone Firebird Phantom Electric Flyers.  The boy’s were thrilled and had a great time learning how rewarding model aviation can be.

The Club was proud to have the boys out for the day and look forward to hosting another great flying.

Special Thanks to Ms. Rosa Johnson, Right Start Program coordinator, and Hayes Hobby House for assisting in procuring the Park Flyers.